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Caveboy – Caveboy

by Emmett Stowe October 6, 2015
Caveboy – Caveboy

Caveboy – Caveboy (Independent; 2015)

Caveboy is a Montreal-based dream pop trio whose self-titled album will take you to a completely different place where you’ll drift among the clouds and see some wild landscapes. Their music is made up of synthesizers that create bright but soft melodies floating in your mind. This is coupled with a driving, light percussion that echoes at times. A lingering percussive bass gives the album a simple primal beat to it. The singer’s voice is solid and powerful, sometimes sensitive, dancing in higher pitches on faster songs but can also dip down lower for slower darker songs. Their lyrics are about real-life experiences such as the beauty and confusion of love, the changing relationships you share with those close to you, looking back on the past, and looking towards the future. Caveboy’s album is one where you’ll get lost within the multiple layers of synth harmonies–something worth experiencing.

Trial Track: “In the Grottos”


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