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Our new Prime slice of Minister

by The Concordian October 27, 2015
Our new Prime slice of Minister

It isn’t often that Canada makes it into international headlines, and rarer still that we actually blow up the internet. Sure, there is your share of Bieber-hate or the brief flash of fame with Rob Ford’s comment about being well fed at home, but nothing has ever set a precedent for this international attention.
The upside: the world, like never before, is talking about Canadian politics rather than pop culture. The downside: the world, like never before, is talking about how “bangable” our Prime Minister is. Or, should we say, Prime slice of Minister.

Photo by Andrej Ivanov.

Photo by Andrej Ivanov.

But hold on here. Yes, Justin Trudeau is an attractive gentleman and, yes, we did just elect him into office to run Canada for five years, but this doesn’t mean we have the right to sexually harass him.

Isn’t sexually harassing someone who you gave a job to entirely not okay?

Trudeau is a Prime Minister, not a prime rib.

Feminism calls for equality of the sexes, and if it is wrong to critique Hillary Clinton on her shoes, her outfits or her hair then it is definetly wrong to openly sexualize Trudeau.

The world, from Pakistan to Australia, is thirsty for our Prime Minister. His hair, tattoos, boxing abilities, what he looks like topless, that “fine” smile and sense of style are all we have heard about lately.

Who knew the news would be even more Trudeau-centric post-election than pre-election?

But the important thing to emphasize here is that sexually objectifying anyone, in public office or not, is wrong.

Just because someone looks good in their clothes—be it a suit or a skirt—does not give you the right to comment, compliment or critique their looks. Just because someone is attractive does not give you the right to take to social media and talk about if you would bang said person or not. Just because you feel like you have the right, does not authorize you to take action.

It does not matter if you think someone is delicious or disgusting, your opinions are your own and should remain within your own head. Voicing them out loud moves so fast from a compliment to sexual harassment it isn’t even funny.

Equality is something feminists have been battling for for years. And just as unacceptable as it is for someone to yell on the street, “hey baby you look better when you smile,” it is equally unacceptable for people to keep taking to Twitter to call Trudeau “hot.”

We elected our new Prime Minister for more than his looks. Well, maybe we elected him to kick Stephen Harper out of office, but still. Just because we elected him does not give us the right to sexually objectify him.

Even if it isn’t in the name of feminism that you cut back on cat-calling “tasty Trudeau,” do it for the tax dollars it will cost if Trudeau actually files workplace harassment complaints against every single one of his employers.

Trudeau is attractive, but is in no way asking for your sexual attention. This is a man we just elected to run our country—leave the #shirtlessleader hashtag to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

No one deserves to be harassed, and our Prime Minister is no exception. This man runs your country. Stop taking to the internet to say if you would “bang” him or not.

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