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Sir G and Iggy: ConU’s double trouble

by Antonia Macris October 6, 2015
Sir G and Iggy: ConU’s double trouble

Usually two is twice as nice but not necessarily for campuses

As all us Concordians throw ourselves into a new semester, we tend to be able to easily identify ourselves as either a Loyola-goer or a Sir George Williams campus native.

Graphic by Charlotte Bracho.

Graphic by Charlotte Bracho.

This identity is largely due to the programs we’re in and our departments’ locations. There are many of you, who I liked to call downtowners, who have never even been to Loyola because the need just wasn’t there.

I used to be like you. Life was great! I would head to SGW for my classes, make fun of others who had to trek all the way to our second campus and enjoy the perks of being at SGW during my breaks.

This semester, however, it all changed in the blink of an eye. Worlds collided as I started my second major in a department situated at Loyola. And just like that I had the perks, or so I thought, of both Concordia campuses.

The plot thickens as I admit to the fact that I’m registered in five courses for the first time after three semesters. To make things worse, when I make it to SGW’s Hall building to take the first shuttle at 7:45 in the morning—as there is no shuttle at 8:00—for that 8:45 class at Loyola. I then have to deal with the grunts of the shuttle bus driver who won’t allow me on the bus with my coffee—which, let’s face it, us students run on to survive.


My day then continues after my five-hour school break (which I go downtown to spend) and after sitting through my second three-hour class of the day I head back downtown for the second time for a lengthy sorority meeting. This all makes for an actioned packed day getting home by midnight. Oh, what fun!

For those of you at one campus who think your schedules are bad, I am here to tell you that they could be worse. And for those rare Concordians out there like me and know exactly what I’m talking about, the struggle is real!

My point here is that schedules like ours exist. And no matter what you may have going on in addition to shuttle hopping between your five classes—such as work and being a part of multiple student associations—if you can read about one of us doing it, it may give you a shred of hope for your future schedule. We can do it! Or so I believe.

Come the end of the semester—if I don’t make it—I hope one of you out there can say you did, for the good of those Loyola-goers, the Sir George Williams natives and to all Concordians everywhere. No matter your schedules, push through the struggle and keep on trekking!

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