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Keegan Treloar: The end of a Stingers era

by Alexander Cole November 24, 2015
Keegan Treloar: The end of a Stingers era

A look back at the clutch kicker’s career with the Concordia Stingers football team

Kickers are either the heroes of a football game or they are the ultimate losers who have completely blown the chance of a lifetime to kick the clutch three points that clinches the victory.

Keegan Treloar performs a kick-off during the Shrinebowl game in 2014 against the McGill Redman. Photo by Andrej Ivanov.

Keegan Treloar performs a kick-off during the Shrinebowl game in 2014 against the McGill Redman. Photo by Andrej Ivanov.

Keegan Treloar is the kicker that time and time again shows that he is the hero, the one who can kick the last second field goal and bring his team the victory.

Fans of the Stingers got a taste of just how amazing Treloar is when he kicked the game-winning field goal against the McGill Redman on Oct. 24. With under three seconds left in the game, the Stingers were down 41-40 and the winner of the game was going to move onto the playoffs. After a drive down the field by quarterback Trenton Miller, it was up to Treloar to win the game.

Treloar set up for his field goal and when the ball was snapped, Treloar put the ball right between the uprights and seconds later, the team had bombarded him, which told the crowd that Treloar was the hero of the season.

“My parents and my girlfriend flew out to watch,” Treloar said. “It was a special night for me. Having the whole team running after me was pretty cool.”

Treloar has been a great kicker and huge part of the Stingers team, however football was not his first passion. It was actually soccer that was the bigger part of Treloar’s childhood in Brandon, Manitoba.

“I had absolutely no interest in football,” Treloar said. “I wanted to go to university and play soccer. But in grade nine, my sister’s friend told me I should try being a kicker. I went to one of the practices in a soccer jersey and even though I was made fun of for it, I became a kicker throughout high school.”

Treloar’s exposure to football lead him to Concordia where he has become a leader on a young Stingers team. However, as a kicker, it has been hard for Treloar to find his voice as kickers are sometimes regarded as “not real athletes.”

“Kickers are like goalies in hockey,” Treloar said. “You know, we can’t really get hit. So getting respect is definitely a lot harder. But in that regard it’s more fun because you have to prove yourself and you have to be clutch. That’s what a kicker dreams of.”

This season was Treloar’s last as a Stinger as this was his fifth and final year of football eligibility. Treloar’s first season with the Stingers was in the 2011-2012 season where he learned from current Calgary Stampeders kicker Rene Paredes.

“Rene was the guy kicking when I came in for my recruiting trip,” Treloar said. “He was the first guy that really amazed me. He mentored me through my first two years and really showed me what was wrong with my field goals. I learned a lot.”

When Treloar began his career with the Stingers, the head coach at the time was Gerry McGrath, who used to be a kicker in the CFL. Treloar credits coach McGrath with much of his success as a Canadian Interuniversity Sport kicker, as McGrath would help him with his kicks even after McGrath’s retirement from coaching.

With five years as a Stinger under his belt, Treloar has seen a lot of changes throughout the years.

“My five years have been absolutely amazing,” Treloar said. “I have probably the most unique perspective on this program. I’ve been on this team for both [coaching] eras. I was here on the tail end of the coach McGrath era when we were a winning program. I was there through the low points as well.”

“Now I’m part of the coach Mickey [Donovan] and coach Pat [Donovan] era and I get to see all the great things they have done with the team. I just hope to keep being a part of it even after I’m done,” Treloar said.

Treloar is in his final semester in the marketing program at John Molson School of Business. With a trip to the CFL combine behind him, and the potential of being signed to a CFL team in his future, Treloar is still looking ahead to a career in marketing.

“As part of the Champions Club with the Stingers and working with the boosters there, I was able to network myself,” Treloar said. “I made some really key friendships and I have developed some relationships that have given me the opportunity to get jobs. I have a strong job lined up for myself now so that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Even though Treloar graduates in December, he still plans to work with the Stingers and stay a part of the family. He has even gone so far as to talk to coach Donovan about future roles he may have with the team.

While being involved with the Stingers is Treloar’s way to stay connected with football, Treloar hasn’t completely ruled out a potential career in the CFL. As Treloar mentioned, the last seven Stingers kickers have gone pro and being a kicker for the team makes him part of a legacy.

“Being a kicker on this team has put an aura around me. Even Rene [Paredes] told me not to mess it up,” Treloar said. “There have been a lot of changes in the CFL this year in terms of kickers. So I’m going to kick throughout the winter and keep my doors open.”

“If an opportunity were to land in my lap, I’d take it,” said Treloar.

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