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Adele — 25

by Cristina Sanza December 1, 2015
Adele — 25

Adele — 25 (XL, 2015)

Adele has been breaking all kinds of records with her debut single from 25, “Hello,” but she‘s breaking some hearts too—in the best way any musician can. 25 contains a series of honest, emotional tracks about losing and finding love, reminiscence and nostalgia. Fans can expect exactly what she’s known for: classic piano ballads where her powerhouse vocals appeal to your heartstrings. There is no question that Adele sings with dignity and power—from her unique vocal texture, to her effortless flow from chest to head voice and precise enunciation. Musically, many of the tunes sound almost too familiar—there isn’t really a sense of musical experimentation. It comes across as an extension of 21 as opposed to an evolution. For Adele, standing on the same musical ground seems to work in her favour—25 will surely be a success.

Trial track: “Water Under The Bridge”


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