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David Bowie – Blackstar

by Samuel Provost-Walker January 19, 2016
David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie – Blackstar (ISO/Columbia, 2016)

All signs regarding David Bowie’s well-being are present in Blackstar and yet no one could predict his premature passing. In keeping his illness a secret from the public, he transforms his last hurrah into a solemn performance, his death serving as the final puzzle piece. In this regard, Blackstar is both eerie and poignant, many of its cryptic lyrics finding confirmation. “Lazarus” serves as a draining message from the afterlife, whereas the album’s last three tracks run the gamut of emotions in the face of certain death. Though difficult and haunting, Blackstar is a masterful exit by one of music’s most transgressive voices.

Trial Track: “Lazarus”


QS-David Bowie - Blackstar

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