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Hinds – Leave Me Alone

by Calvin Cashen January 19, 2016
Hinds – Leave Me Alone

Hinds – Leave Me Alone (Lucky Number, 2016)

Trying to say something new within the context of garage-tempered beach-pop is like trying to reinvent the wheel. Hinds aren’t refined by any stretch of the imagination, but the quartet’s proclivity for fuzzed-out guitars tighten their sloppy execution. Hinds’ debut Leave Me Alone presents itself with the charm of a toothy grin. It’s music that’s intrinsically meant to soundtrack hazy summer ennui. The record kind of hangs in the air; weightless, non-confrontational, unperturbed by the world around it. Leave Me Alone is a scuzzy patchwork of textbook garage themes, a genre predicated on idleness. It’s a musical outlet meant for amateurs and a suitably-sized style for Hinds to explore.

Trial Track: “Garden”


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