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SOPHIE – Product

by Samuel Provost-Walker January 26, 2016
SOPHIE – Product

SOPHIE – Product (Numbers, 2015)

Violently smashing wonky sounds and endearingly ironic ‘00s dance pop with hyperactive panache, Product is simply too little too late. While most of idiosyncratic art collective PC Music’s output has been too thematically subversive, SOPHIE’s first compilation assembles the producer’s most popular cuts. Plasticity plays a huge role, with each song polished to a ludicrously bouncy and maddening sheen. Though alien in sound, many of SOPHIE’s songs lack functionality, their rabid bass thumps feeling like exercises in challenging current norms. Though a cohesive album may help matters, Product is mostly a reminder that PC Music swept the world way back in 2013.

Trial Track: “Bipp”


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