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Megadeth – Dystopia

by Alexander Cole February 9, 2016
Megadeth – Dystopia

Megadeth – Dystopia (Tradecraft, 2016)

Since the ‘80s, Megadeth has been one of metal’s most important acts. Dystopia, the band’s latest effort, has pretty much everything you would expect from them. The fast solos and catchy riffs are there, but singer Dave Mustaine’s vocals are more difficult to listen to than ever. “The Threat is Real” is decent enough, but Mustaine’s lack of lyrical concepts holds the songs back. Instrumentally however, the album is fantastic; new drummer Chris Adler’s technical sound fits well and makes the songs listenable. While metal fans may be disappointed, Megadeth fans will enjoy Dystopia for its solid instrumentals.

Trial track: “Dystopia”


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