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Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

by Samuel Provost-Walker March 15, 2016
Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression (Loma Vista, 2016)

As unexpected as its central collaboration seemed, Post Pop Depression is uniformly predictable, its distinct Joshua Homme-tinged production quirks on full display. Tentatively Iggy Pop’s final album, Post Pop Depression is adept where it matters, showcasing glimmers of the singer that was while putting his contemporary, shaky baritone to great use. Lead single “Gardenia” injects a haunting quality to the singer’s timbre, its jangly, jagged guitars riding into the sunset. Though unashamedly an effort to channel the glory days of Pop’s early solo years, Homme’s attempts to pare down his desert rock stylings ultimately fall flat. The results are undeniably “Homme rock,” often sounding like little more than an Iggy Pop-fronted Queens of the Stone Age. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. At 68, Pop is still a powerhouse presence and Post Pop Depression mostly highlights his livewire talent.

Trial Track: “Gardenia”


QS- Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression

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