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Martin Allor to be remembered at Loyola Chapel

by Tiffany Lafleur March 18, 2016

Department of Communications Studies to host memorial service for Allor, who passed away on Feb. 26.

The Communications Department mourns the loss of a great figure in the community. Martin Allor passed suddenly over reading week, with his death shaking the department down to its core, from students to fellow teachers.

“I’m sad that he will no longer be able to critique my work, push me to be better, ground me, help me narrow down my huge ideas or say ‘hi’ to me in the hallways,” said Amrita Kalsi, a student in his Video II class. “Everything I create from now on will always reflect what he taught me. I hope I can make him proud.”

Allor was involved with the Communications Department for over 30 years. He was instrumental in charting the course of communication and cultural studies in Canada, and taught thousands of students throughout his long career at the university. In addition to his illuminating contributions to cultural studies, he is fondly remembered for his mentorship of graduate and PhD students, having graduated 35 MA and 22 PhD students.

For Communications Department professor Elizabeth Miller, the change of ritual is the hardest to cope with. She and Allor taught intermediate video production together every Tuesday and Thursday for 11 and a half years. They had become ‘work spouses:’ that person at your workplace with whom you share so many rituals that they become a significant other.

“After each class, we swapped ideas, shared resources, planned the week ahead. It will never be the same in our CJ hallway—but I will remember his open door policy, as a reminder of his spirit, his brilliance and his generosity” said Miller.

The whole department has come together through this difficult time, with students and faculty reaching out to one another in support.

Allor left this world too soon, but he will never be forgotten. The imprints he’s left on the hearts and minds of those he encountered will shine on.

The Department of Communications is hosting a memorial service to celebrate the life and work of Martin Allor on March 18, at 12:30 p.m. at the Loyola Chapel. All are invited to join.

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