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Sheer Mag – III

by The Concordian March 22, 2016
Sheer Mag – III

Sheer Mag – III (Static Shock Records, 2016)

III is the most subversive EP of the year, thus far—a pastiche of incendiary tunes outlined by punk rock’s synonymous three chord snarl. It’s an effort that’s deeply anti—anti-capitalist, anti-commercialist, and everything else that fulfills an anti-agenda. III also speaks the language of clench-toothed jock-rock, likely to incite communal fist-bumping, and yet, it’s an album of unequivocal arrogance, too preoccupied with politicizing itself to fall victim to conformist standards. “Can’t Stop Fighting” is an athletic sprint of riff-savvy guitars and low-fi aggression that smartly condemns violence against women. Though openly reverent of a ‘70s rock ethos, it’s a charming association that validates Sheer Mag’s riff-intensive sound. It’s not quite seismic enough to fill an arena, but III’s persistence is abiding. Protests against injustice have never rocked this much.

Trial Track: “Nobody’s Baby”


QS- Sheer Mags - III

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