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Why I choose to believe in astrology

by Sandra Hercegova March 15, 2016
Why I choose to believe in astrology

Exploring the synergy between planetary positions and human connection

As a curious Aquarius, astrology has always fascinated me, yet when I share my knowledge and passion about it with others, very few take me seriously—I mainly get laughed at, sassy eye rolls, or rude comments.

Photo by Wellcome Images.

Photo by Wellcome Images.

My genuine feeling is that most people are confused and misguided when it comes to discussing astrology.

I met with Duncan de la Montagne, a prominent astrologer in Montreal. He has his own tarot and astro shop in the heart of the Mile End, right on the corner of St-Joseph Boulevard and Parc Avenue.

As I entered the shop, I could smell incense burning, and could see natal charts and astrological figures plastered all over the walls.

“Astrology is a wonderful tool for achieving self-awareness and for understanding where one is likely to encounter opportunities or difficulties in their journey,” said de la Montagne. “It reveals the person’s core strengths and weaknesses,” he added.

“Astrology was trying to forecast what was happening, what is going to happen, things that couldn’t be understood. [Ancient humans] looked at the sky for correlation and explanation. It has always been tied in with spirituality,” he said, as I tried to absorb the vast amount of information.

One thing I personally question is, why would someone pay to see an astrologer when you can get all your readings online for free?

At that moment de la Montagne stared at me skeptically. “Do you believe everything you read on the Internet?” he asked. “I hope not. I certainly don’t,” said de la Montagne. While some people used to get their astrology updates from newspaper, this was written more for entertainment, like a fortune cookie, he added. “Where astrology becomes relevant is when you are inputting your place, date, time and year of birth. Only then will you obtain valid and pertinent information,” de la Montagne said.

I’ve personally always enjoyed astrology because it provides me with a better understanding of the world. I’m able to gain bits of information about people before I’ve even met them in person. It has also allowed me to gain a new understanding of my own behaviour and emotions through the careful analysis of my astrological signs.

Being an intellectual Aquarius, astrology has really helped me understand the surrounding world. I’m able to gain bits of information about people based on their signs, making interactions, such as a first date, easier to navigate.

When I analyze a potential suitor’s sign, I can tell if we’re going to gel and what aspects of their personality I should be mindful of.

You may choose to believe in astrology, and my enemies may continue to laugh in my face, but astrology provides a fascinating outlook on our complex and confusing world. I’ve been reading about astrological signs since I was 10 years old and I regret nothing about this great passion of mine.

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