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Wolfmother – Victorious

by Justinas Staskevicius March 1, 2016
Wolfmother – Victorious

Wolfmother – Victorious (UMe, 2016)

For a band that has not even been around for two decades, Wolfmother feels vintage. It’s as if the band’s roots lie in the bedrock of rock itself and yet nothing about the group feels original. Their newest album, Victorious, never shakes the feeling that it is an amalgamation of great rock icons. These songs can best be summed up by listing their recipes; one track is two parts Jack White, one part Led Zeppelin with a pinch of Ozzy Osbourne while the next is three parts Deep Purple and one part Axl Rose with a zest of Franz Ferdinand. Victorious walks the fine line between genre love letter and stalker copycat. That’s not to say that the album isn’t good—just don’t be surprised if you get an overwhelming sense of déjà entendu whilst partaking.

Trial Track: “Gypsy Caravan”


QS- Wolfmother - Victorious

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