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Your average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student

by The Concordian April 5, 2016

Your average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student paints, draws, sings, and does photography in their free time.

Your average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student goes to competitions representing John Molson in improvisational acting, silly sports like inner tube waterpolo, and volunteering.

Your average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student is struggling in comm 217.

Your average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student sometimes chooses to wear a Zara blazer, but also sometimes choses leggings… Sometimes a t-shirt from Winners, sometimes really high heels, sometimes really worn out converse.

You might realize you’re a lot like the average flavourless, stuck up, JMSB student.

You don’t know me; you don’t know the other 8,515 students that make up JMSB.

You see the colour of people’s skin, the clothes they chose to wear, the way they walk, the designer bags they hold. But people are so much more than what you see.

Some people’s clothes are actually not their identity, like they are for you.

Today in politics we’re seeing people pushing to divide, pushing to discriminate. People are being categorized based on their religion, their race, the way they look, the things they wear.

How can you say you are an artist, yet be so closed minded and willing to put a label on an entire institution based solely off your short experience? I feel sorry for you, that you feel the need to put others down in order to get across the point that maybe business wasn’t for you, or you didn’t try to make it for you. I feel sorry for you that you chose to see only the negative.

By insulting JMSB as a whole, you are trying to take away from the people who ARE passionate about accounting. The people who ARE able to be creative in MIS, finance, and marketing. Because of one bad teacher you had in business communications, you’re putting down a class where I met one of my favorite professors, someone who pushed our entire class to be creative in presentations.

Honestly, I hate accounting.

I can’t memorize a textbook if my life depended on it.

I have a hard time applying myself in classes I’m not passionate about, like finance.

My experience at JMSB has been so much more than the disinterested profs I’ve had, the classes I’ve struggled in, the stuck up people I’ve walked by in the lobby.

I’ve chose to focus on the positive, and that is where we differ.

You chose to think of materialism and greed when you walk through those “heavy glass doors.” I chose to think of opportunities to change business, so it isn’t materialism and greed.

We all go to the same university, and maybe I’m naïve, but I think that instead of trying to push each other down, we should try to help each other grow, and encourage each other to pursue what we’re passionate about.

-Olivia Szczerbickyj

Read the mentioned article here: https://theconcordian.com/2016/03/the-flavourless-flavour-of-business-school/

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Ridge April 5, 2016 - 12:50

Offensive as hell. Sorry you had a bad experience with a particular person or set of people, but don’t go blaming the rest of us.


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