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Majesty Da God – The Apollo II

by Sandra Hercegova July 3, 2016
Majesty Da God – The Apollo II

Can you hear that? Boom. “God Pt 2” suddenly blows out of your speakers with a beat that can give anyone the confidence to bust a move. It’s a God-like track with that catchy flow and deep bass line—the type of song that gets stuck in your head and makes you feel like a badass. The Apollo II is Majesty Da God’s second EP record and it’s as versatile as can be. From gold-chain-wearing-fried-chicken-eating monkeys to thanking God for his blessings and appreciating life, this EP has it both—tracks to bump to while riding with the windows down and songs where his lyrical prose inspires people to keep their heads up. Brown sugar, baby, give it to me—Majesty Da God made it hot like it’s supposed to be with his song “Brown Sugar” featuring artist Vee Stoner. It projects a sensual vibe that’s perfect for summer loving. In the last track, “I Hope,” his storytelling gives out the imagery of a father telling his sons all the important lessons in life. It’s a track that you want to focus on, because all he said in there is beautifully true.

Trial Track: “I Hope” Ft. De Loa


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