Fashion: your own personal art

From off the runway and into the closet, fashion is a powerful art form

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Choosing what to wear has been a lifelong struggle for most people, but for some, getting dressed is a form of art. Whether it’s subconscious or not, a person chooses what they wear carefully. They may only search out little gems in second hand stores or only buy things off the runway. Some colours may make a person look sallow, or a pattern may be too busy. This is similar to the way a painter chooses the colours for a painting’s background in order for it to best complement the subject. It can be a meticulous process.

Just like different styles of art, fashion has many different forms of its own. From classic to haute couture, each design is always part of a bigger picture. Fashion shows display a designer’s work, and all the pieces come together to bring to life the designer’s theme. The theme can be interpreted in as many ways as a Picasso painting. The colours and cuts chosen by the designer are always open to interpretation. Some may wear the skirt as a shirt or others a scarf, but all of the pieces are used to convey a person’s emotions and personality, two things that almost all art is based on. The body of a person is their personal art gallery. Although some people have taken their art galleries to another level.

Everyone’s closets are their own form of an art gallery. While displaying their favourite pieces there is usually a happy medium between organization and chaos. A new trend featuring custom built closets have become a new form of the personal art gallery. Harper’s Bazaar recently featured Kris Jenner’s closet, which is completely dedicated to her Birkin bags. These bags, which are all handcrafted and take over 18 hours to make, are coveted by hand bag enthusiasts worldwide. Costing over $23,000 for a brand new bag, each one is a valuable art piece displayed proudly on its owner’s arm or in their custom-built closet. Some of these closets have their own Instagram accounts and flood fashion-lovers’ Pinterest pages.

Whether or not the closet items were designed in an atelier in Paris, a department store, or an eclectic thrift store, each item was at one point a part of a designers’ vision and dream, and they become a part of every wearer’s personal style and vision. It becomes a part of a person’s own art gallery both at home and when they are wearing it on the street.

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