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Clipping. – Splendor and Misery

by Alexander Cole September 27, 2016
Clipping. – Splendor and Misery

Clipping. – Splendor and Misery (Sub Pop Records, 2016)

The experimental noise rap group Clipping. have released their latest album, Splendor and Misery, and boy is it a journey—literally. The album is one big science fiction story about a slave named Cardo 2331 being dragged through space on a cargo ship. The group’s MC Daveed Diggs tells the story of Cargo 2331 through a series of poetic spoken word pieces, fast raps and choral arrangements. Diggs’ cadence fits each beat perfectly, whether it’s a futuristic beat full of feedback and noise, or a beat filled with beautiful classical music. Diggs demonstrates superb storytelling, taking you through the struggles of someone in a state of desperation due to their situation. This album isn’t your typical rap album. There are no bangers, no rattling high-hats and no loud bass. It’s a noisy mess but each sound fits the intergalactic theme and makes you feel like you are in a novel. If you are looking for a mix of sci-fi, poetry and noise rap, Splendor and Misery is a dream come true.

Trial Track: “Air ‘Em Out”

Score: 9/10


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