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by Emily Vidal September 13, 2016

M.I.A – AIM (Interscope, 2016)

M.I.A, M.I.A, M.I.A, Before retiring from music for a few years, the British rapper needed to unleash a masterpiece for the world to revel in. That is clearly the case for her brand spanking new album, AIM, released on Sept. 9th. (Also, extra points for blowing my mind with your title, which is just the opposite way of saying your name.) M.I.As music is hauntingly beautiful, and makes you feel so many different emotions while you are listening to it– which is something that every artist should always strive for. The juxtaposition between the dark, sinister undertones of the singer’s voice and the fun, uplifting beats are what makes the album an absolute dream to listen to. This album goes to show that just when you thought you knew who M.I.A really was… There was so much more where that came from. Please come back soon, and share more of your creativity and talent with us.

Trial Track: “Ali r u ok?”



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