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Stingers dominate Carabins in 8-3 win

by James Kierans September 24, 2016
Stingers dominate Carabins in 8-3 win

Concordia’s baseball team pulled out a victory against the Université de Montréal

The Concordia Stingers baseball team picked up their fourth win of the season against the Université de Montréal Carabins on Sept. 22, as quality base-running and solid pitching propelled them to an 8-3 win.

Despite some poor weather conditions and some shaky defensive plays, Concordia played a strong game, headlined by pitcher Jarryd Taylor’s first game of the season.

“[The game] was solid,” Stingers manager Howie Schwartz said. “Our last two games have been our first two games of the year that we’ve pitched well.”

Through almost a full seven innings, Taylor held the Carabins to two hits and eight walks. He struck out nine batters, and did not concede a single earned run on his way to his first win of the season.

“What [Taylor’s performance is] going to do is set the table for our number one and two guys, Connerty and Belisle-Springer, to [pick up] their performances,” Schwartz said.

The Stingers received great pitching in their 8-3 victory. Photos by James Kierans.

The Stingers received great pitching in their 8-3 victory. Photos by James Kierans.

Despite the strong pitching, the Stingers were far from perfect on defense as they made mistakes due to a lack of communication and a combination of wind and rain.

During one play in particular, second baseman Alex Hall and right fielder Matthew Litwin collided going after a ball which allowed the Carabins to pick up two runs.

It was the Stingers offensive play that set the tone for the game, as they got on base 18 times, their second highest mark of the season. The team also capitalized on their success at the plate, stealing six bases without being caught once.

“We’re not big hitters, we’re a very fast team, we have to take the extra base, we have to steal, we have to do hit and runs,” Schwartz said. “In the first four games we didn’t have a chance to do that because we were behind the whole time.”

Shortstop Michael Makarios led the team with three stolen bases, including one in the bottom of the fourth. Carabins catcher Alexandre Cloutier tried to pick him off, but the throw was dropped by the second baseman, allowing Stingers first baseman Stefan Brady to steal home from third base.

“A lot of running, a lot of extra bases, a lot of stealing, a lot of hit and run. That’s what our team is all about,” Schwartz said.

The Stingers now have a 4-4 record as they prepare for their doubleheader on Sept. 24 in Ottawa.

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