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Usher- Hard II Love

by Emily Vidal September 20, 2016
Usher- Hard II Love

Usher- Hard II Love (RCA Records, 2016)

Hard II Love is Usher’s 8th album, and if I could explain how I feel about it in one word, it was impressed. This new release demonstrates how Usher has evolved the sound of his voice so that his vulnerability and his depth are deeply felt. His song, “Hard II Love,” is the artist saying that, although he may be hard to love, he is worth the try. This is Usher showing he is willing to put his heart and soul out there on this album, for all to see. Although there is no denying the song “No Limit” featuring Young Thug, is also catchy, it isn’t what makes the album rise to a whole new level— it is the rest of the songs on the album that portray his sensitivity and his artistry. So if you’re ready to hear the inner thoughts and emotions of a great artist, give this album a listen.

Trial Track: “Stronger”



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