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Van Morrison – Keep Me singing

by Danielle Gasher October 18, 2016
Van Morrison – Keep Me singing

Van Morrison – Keep Me singing (Caroline Records, 2016)

Who hasn’t danced with a huge smile on their face to Morrison’s 1967 classic hit “Brown Eyed Girl”? Morrison’s new album, Keep Me Singing, includes some compelling songs. It remained relatively true to the distinct sound we know and love from this artist, however, it was presented in a disappointing way. Although the renowned Irish musician is known for his upbeat and ballad tunes, this album’s sound feels forced and has inauthentic joviality. Morrison, now 71-years-old, is starting to sound his age. Throughout the album, the singer’s voice sounds pushed to its limits and tired. The tiredness of his voice awkwardly clashes with the upbeat swinging rock ballads that seemingly seek to replicate what the folk-rock genre was doing in the 60s. Although Morrison introduces some original elements with interesting hints of jazz in his songs “Every Time I See a River” and “Look Behind the Hill,” overall, the album was disappointing musically.


Trial track: “Look Behind the Hill”


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