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Bruno Mars – 24k Magic

by Sandra Hercegova November 29, 2016
Bruno Mars –  24k Magic

Bruno Mars –  24k Magic (Atlantic Records, 2016)

24k Magic brings back the kind of funky 80s rhythms that are just right for popping and locking on the dance floor. Mars’ tune “24k Magic” starts off with an auto-tuned voice that almost sounds like T-Pain. The song has a retro pop-electro sound along with his rapping and shouting. This jam almost sounds like it was made for an 80s commercial or a live TV show’s theme song. Bruno Mars switched styles on this album. He brings forth a prominent R&B street vibe as opposed to pop classics. His lyrics are corny and simplistic: “She gotta have her own money” and “If you’re not here to party, take your ass back home, slide with your boy to the bar.” 24k Magic is just as cheesy as Valentine’s day. With corny and ‘wanna be’ street lyrics, not much stands out here.

Trial Track: “24k Magic”



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