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Common – Black America Again

by Sandra Hercegova November 15, 2016
Common – Black America Again

Common – Black America Again (Def Jam/UMG, 2016)

Hot damn, Black America Again! The album welcomes you with arms wide open on Common’s first track, “Pride & Joy,” featuring Bilal. This track commands us to “turn our light on” for joy and peace of mind. Common is a lyrical master—he is not only a rapper but an intelligent poet and writer. Proof of this can be heard on his track “Home,” also featuring Bilal. He speaks about his personal experience of fame and how he wants to leave this world and go home to God. He also tells us not to get caught up in the vanity of our world’s insanity. The highlight track of the album is “Black America Again,” featuring Stevie Wonder. On this track, Common courageously rewrites black American history. “These are the things we gotta discuss. The new plantation, mass incarceration. Instead of educate, they’d rather convict the kids. As dirty as the water in Flint, the system is.” Black America Again is a powerful and educational album. The message is to remind everyone to stick together and fight for justice, no matter where you come from.

Trial Track: “Black America Again” Ft. Stevie Wonder



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