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Jacuzzi Boys – Ping Pong

by Sandra Hercegova November 29, 2016
Jacuzzi Boys – Ping Pong

Jacuzzi Boys – Ping Pong (Mag Mag Records, 2016)

Ping Pong is a great blend of fun, sun and rock ’n’ roll. The Jacuzzi Boys will have you jumping and dancing around with songs like “Boys like Blood” blasting through your speakers. It’s the kind of jam you would play while getting ready for a beach party. The upbeat guitar riffs will lighten even the worst of moods. “Refrigeration” is another happy-go-lucky alternative rock tune, the kind you would hear on a teenage TV show or at a frat party. It will make you want to party like a rockstar. “Easy Motion” has a more relaxed and lower tempo sound, yet it remains light and playful nonetheless. This group’s typical alternative rock band melodies are nostalgic and will remind you of your favourite indie band of the early 2000s. The Jacuzzi Boys sound like an upbeat version of Death Cab for Cutie. If you’re searching for a playlist to jam along to on a road trip, Ping Pong has got you covered. This album will be the perfect soundtrack for all your fun.

Trial track: “Boys like Blood”



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