KyAzMa – The Magician’s Mirror

KyAzMa – The Magician’s Mirror (Aeon Radix, 2016)

KyAzMa’s debut album, The Magician’s Mirror, brings forth an eclectic, fresh genre. Traditional instruments, such as the piano or guitar, are used to create a folksy feel, but overtop lies layers of haunting electronic sounds and deep, downtempo beats. Add to that the soft male and female harmonies of duo Christina Enigma and William Moon and you have the essence of The Magician’s Mirror. The electronic-folk mix creates a powerful, enchanting vibe on a lot of the tracks. Lyrically, the duo explores themes such as following your heart and overcoming your fears. Although the dissonant nature of the album is intriguing, by the midway point, the songs start to bleed into one. The singers stay mainly within the same vocal range throughout the record. The tempo also does not get tampered with much from track to track, adding to that repetitive nature. The Magician’s Mirror is surely experimental, but the melodic sameness makes the electronic-folk feel become stale.

Trial track: “Kia”



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