Lock down at Grey Nuns

Several police cars were reported to be seen at Grey Nuns. Photo by Elisa Barbler.

Some Grey Nuns residents reported police at residence on Thursday night

Concordia’s residence Grey Nuns, located on Sir George Williams downtown campus, went on lockdown as several cop cars crowded the residence.

Concordia journalism student and staff writer for The Concordian Elisa Barbier told The Concordian that officers were spotted in the halls of Grey Nuns with assault rifles and riot shields looking for an aggressive suspect.

Barbier said she asked several students around Grey Nuns about the lockdown. They reported they saw officers with dogs, officers posted on each floor and locked exits. Students were not allowed in and students were told to lock their doors for safety.

Barbier said while she was questioning students at Grey Nuns, three girls allegedly stated they were in the study room on the main floor when suddenly, an RA told them to get into the room connected to the study room. Barbier said they turned all lights off and they were told to stay low. “They stayed in there between 30 minutes to an hour,” said Barbier. “This was also confirmed by guys that actually saw the room with all the lights off.”

Concordia Grey Nuns resident Jenny Chand said she saw police with dogs walking in the garden of Grey Nuns, walking around the building. She said they were looking around for something but they left because they couldn’t find anything.

“And as I was entering the building, when they let me in, there’s about 30 cops, fully armed, they had shields,” she said. “I saw witness papers being taken inside.”

Chand said earlier that day a boy from the Grey Nuns residence was taken away in an ambulance at approximately 6 p.m. She said cops were there the rest of the day, but there was not a large quantity until approximately between 8 and 9 p.m.

Seifeldin Roushdy, political science major and Concordia Grey Nuns resident, said he was in the common room heating his food in the microwave when he saw approximately six or seven cops walk by. “One was holding a big rifle and another one was holding a shield bashing on the door of this kids [room] yelling ‘police police,’” said Roushdy. He said, however, no one was inside.

“They walked by, they saw my door was half open, they asked me if anyone came inside my room,” said Roushdy. “I said no and they went inside and searched it.” He said he asked them what was happening and the cops reportedly told them they were looking for someone. “When I asked them why and they told me it wasn’t my business,” said Roushdy.

Charlotte Maher, a Concordia Grey Nuns resident, said she saw approximately 30 police officers on the east side of third floor. She said they did not have any weapons, but they were all wearing protective vests. “They were checking bathrooms and public areas—commons room, laundry rooms,” said Maher.

She said she and some other residents were told the police were looking for someone and he was dangerous. “We were told to stay in our rooms,” said Maher.

Students living in the Grey Nuns residence were seen standing outside while the building was on lockdown. Photo by Elisa Barbier

University spokesperson Chris Mota said the incident involved a student resident. “For reasons of confidentiality we can’t discuss the specifics of the incident,” said Mota. “However, I can confirm that the incident required police intervention.”

She said the incident has since been resolved. “At no time were the residents in any danger,” said Mota.

With files from Elisa Barbier

This article has been updated with more information since publication.


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