The xx – I See You

The xx – I See You (Young Turks Recordings, 2017)

Five years ago, The xx released their hit album, Coexist. They are now back with I See You, where their distinct smooth electro and dreamy pop ballads resurface. The opening track, “Dangerous,” mixes an electro, upbeat tempo with soft-spoken vocals—something The xx has always known how to perfectly combine. “Say Something Loving” continues with upbeat, romantic sounds and words—it sounds just like a love poem turned into a melodious pop fairytale. “Lips” has beautiful electro rhythms—it’s the song to put you in a relaxing trance of gentle electro euphoria. The last few songs are sad, emotional and deeply moving. If you have an interest for sorrowful melodies, you’ll enjoy them. “A Violent Noise,” the last track on the album, plays with both high and low tempos. The track fuels different moods throughout, making it an interesting listen.


Trial Track: “Lips”


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