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A year of success for ConMUN

by Megan Hunt February 28, 2017
A year of success for ConMUN

The Model UN delegation is already preparing for the upcoming application period

Following an incredibly rewarding semester, the Concordia Model United Nations (ConMUN) is celebrating a number of recent victories and making plans for the future. The organization took home 12 awards at two conferences, including an award for Best Delegation at the 2016 Montreal United Nations Conference.

Throughout the year, ConMUN, the university’s official model United Nations organization participates in a number of simulation competitions, where delegates debate and propose solutions to hypothetical situations involving the United Nations.

Of the 12 Concordia delegates who participated in the Montreal conference in December, seven took home individual awards, including three for Best Delegate in various model UN situations. The Best Delegation award was given to ConMUN as they received the most individual awards out of all participating delegations. The group’s success carried into 2017 with a February victory at McMUN, the McGill University Model United Nations conference.

After three days of conferences that simulated agencies within the UN and various historic events, four ConMUN delegates—Laura Galvez, Eleni Gkesoura, Julien Sinnett and Andrei Bochis—took home awards. Bochis also took home an Outstanding Delegate Award for his participation in a simulation of the Fall of Constantinople. According to Seeba Chaachouh, ConMUN’s VP of marketing social media, this is the first time the organization has received awards from both conferences.

“When the ConMUN delegation attends conferences, we represent the larger Concordia community,” said Julien Sinnett, ConMUN’s vice-president of special projects. “We show everyone in and outside of Montreal, including attendees from high school, CEGEPs and universities, how hard-working we are and our academic propensity.”

While the conferences are just simulations, ConMUN remains focused on real-world solutions. Throughout the fall semester, the delegation participated in a number of charity events, including a Christmas gift drive for homeless Montrealers and a game night event at Concordia’s downtown Hive Café to raise money for UNICEF.

Although the ConMUN delegation is proud of their recent accomplishments and philanthropic efforts, the delegation is already looking ahead to next semester, and focusing on recruiting ambitious and hardworking students to represent Concordia at future conferences.

Throughout the year, ConMUN offers training sessions for students interested in participating in conferences, as well as workshops to help students hone their debating, writing and public speaking skills.

Photo courtesy of ConMUN.

Later this semester, ConMUN will be releasing an application form for students looking to join the delegation. Sinnett explained that, after the initial application, selected applicants will be chosen after participating in two model simulations similar to what would be expected during a conference. However, Sinnett insists that ConMUN is a welcoming organization.

“All are welcome to come to ConMUN…[the organization] is important because [it] teaches people interpersonal skills and discusses important international issues,” Sinnett said.

In the meantime, students interested in joining ConMUN and representing Concordia at upcoming MUN conferences are welcome to attend training sessions from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays between Feb. 27 and March 12.

The sessions offer introductory information in applying to ConMUN, as well as writing and debating practice from seasoned ConMUN delegates. However, attendees are not obligated to apply and are welcome to use the sessions to help them with classes, other student groups or personal growth. The sessions are open to all students, regardless of department.

“We also have social events, including bake sales, where anyone can come and ask our executive team questions,” Sinnett said. Schedules for upcoming events will be available later in the semester, he added.

For more information, interested students can contact the ConMUN executive team at conmun@gmail.com for more information.

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