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Aquilo- Silhouettes

by Alicia Ardelli February 7, 2017
Aquilo- Silhouettes

Aquilo- Silhouettes  (Island Records, 2017)

Aquilo’s debut album, Silhouettes, is the vessel that will send you sailing through dreamland with its lush, melancholic melodies. The British indie-pop duo mends and shatters hearts with smooth falsettos and cool electronics. The opening track, “Silhouette,” has a nostalgic vibe and serves as a reflection on the duo’s past, as they think through doubts about their future. “All I Ever Wanted” and “Human” deliver enchanting harmonies fit for those misty evenings spent reflecting on the wrong paths taken in life. Written as a love letter, “Waiting” is sung with a heavy heart but with a great deal of hope for a reunion with a lost lover. The tempo of the album picks up a little with “Complication” and “Never Hurt Again” which reverberate a sentimental but uplifting kind of funk. In its entirety, Silhouettes is a beautiful ode to the broken-hearted and the hopeful.

Trial Track: “Silhouette”

Score: 8.5/10


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