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Big Sean – I Decided

by Sandra Hercegova February 7, 2017
Big Sean – I Decided

Big Sean – I Decided (GOOD Music, 2017)

Decided is the light at the end of the tunnel that Big Sean is searching for in his track “Light.” He raps about his road to success and how, even if someone shakes you, they can’t take away what makes you whole, they can’t take away your soul and they sure as hell “can’t fuck with the light.” In “Bounce Back,” it’s all about revival—taking a loss and bouncing back to life again. It’s a reminder to not take all our failures too seriously—you can dance and laugh about them to this club-banging track. “Jump Out The Window” is a jam that’s easy to relate to—it’s about knowing when it’s time to put your foot down in a relationship, to not take any disrespect and to know your self-worth. All in all, Big Sean’s “got the moves.” He touches on his personal life all while making us dance to his feel-good, inspiring raps and catchy rhythms.

Trial Track: “Bounce Back”

Score: 8/10


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