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Future – Future

by Alexander Cole February 28, 2017
Future – Future

Future – Future (Epic Records, 2017)

Atlanta rapper Future’s fifth studio album brings back the type of trap music no one wants to hear anymore. With artists like Migos, Travis Scott and NAV excelling with moody, atmospheric sounds, Future tries to push a more upbeat, hard-hitting flavour. However, just like an old bottle of Coke, the flavour falls flat. The album starts out with a banger called “Rent Money” which features Future delivering his signature triplet flow, while a heavy beat supports his voice in the background. From that point on, the album degenerates into a directionless mess with no real appeal. Sure, the beats sound nice, but that isn’t enough to save the album. Future flows the same on almost every song, while delivering the same uninspired lyrics about money, drugs, fame and women. Just by listening to one song, you’ve pretty much heard the entire album. Future was once at the forefront of trap music, but now he’s outdated and has been surpassed by much more interesting artists.

Trial Track: “Super Trappers”


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