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McDonald’s doesn’t care about customers with allergies

by Nicholas Di Giovanni February 7, 2017
McDonald’s doesn’t care about customers with allergies

How the fast food chain is screwing over customers with nut allergies

It did not occur to me that McDonald’s employs clowns as executives.

McDonald’s Canada’s decision to introduce a product that brings unpackaged peanuts and nuts into the restaurant is outraging many Canadians, myself included. The fast-food chain introduced the Skor McFlurry last Tuesday, and now warns customers their food may come in contact with peanuts, nuts and other allergens.

McDonald’s has been a go-to place for many customers and families with food allergies because it has been allergy-free and easy for many to access. For us Concordia students with these severe food allergies, we know how difficult it can be to find accommodating restaurants. We can’t eat at one place because they use peanut oil, and then another place can’t guarantee our safety. We all know the hassle. McDonald’s was the safest place we could go to when we needed a quick meal and didn’t want to worry about our allergies.

Not anymore. With this decision, McDonald’s Canada has told the 2.5 million Canadians living with food allergies to, essentially, stay away. It seems to me the company couldn’t care less about their customers with food allergies.

The problem here is not that they introduced a Skor McFlurry. The problem here is that it appears McDonald’s is making absolutely no effort to keep its new allergen-infested product away from other products.

There is also a big problem in the way McDonald’s Canada handled the situation. In a statement, the company said, “We have a long history of being sensitive to the needs of our guests with food allergies and this time will be no different, which is why we are communicating this important information.”

Anybody with half a brain could smell the lies pouring out of that statement. If McDonald’s Canada has a long history of making sure allergic customers stay safe, why would they change all that with one product? It is very different from the past considering they are no longer guaranteeing an allergen-free restaurant.

The most ridiculous claim is they believe communicating this warning to customers counts as remaining “sensitive” to their customers with allergies. Yes, because telling us we can’t eat there anymore really shows you care. They are make such statements simply to avoid liability and lawsuits. That’s hardly protecting us. They are protecting their multibillion-dollar corporation.

McDonald’s Canada has completely tarnished its reputation with this one decision. Many families and students like us, will no longer visit their restaurants, all because of a new McFlurry. I hope the executives who triggered this operation can sleep well at night, knowing they ruined some kid’s day, just so others could enjoy their Skor McFlurry. Having a clown as the company’s mascot is really suiting.

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