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Dead Obies – Air Max

by Emma Brayley March 28, 2017
Dead Obies – Air Max

Dead Obies – Air Max (Bonsound Records, 2017)

Montreal-based rap group Dead Obies released a new EP, Air Max on March 17. The release is filled with calming beats that border on melancholic, with songs like “Cruel Summer” and “Allo Allo.” Straying far from the usual mosh pit-inspiring songs, Air Max is perfect for a chill evening with friends. While keeping with the technique of voice clips dispersed throughout the album, as was done on Gesamtkunstwerk¸ the bilingual hip-hop band included much more English in this release. This makes the album more accessible, but admittedly diminishes the charm that stemmed from the group’s French Canadian origins. While the album itself is very good, it’s a definite departure overall from the sound of Dead Obies’ previous albums.

Trial Track: “Cruel Summer”

Rating: 7.5/10

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