Coco Hames – Coco Hames

Coco Hames – Coco Hames (Merge Records, 2017)

If music were a time machine, Coco Hames would take you back to the 1970s. Her classic vintage sound will make you want to dance around in the sunshine with flowers in your hair. Her opening track, “When You Said Goodbye,” has a distinct 70s pop melody along with relatable lyrics about heartbreak. “I Do Love You” is reminiscent of songs from the 70s pop group ABBA. The track “I Don’t Wanna Go” has more of a garage-band sound, with its repetitive, upbeat guitar riffs, coupled with playful lyrics. Her lyrics are witty and revolve around heartbreak, mostly focusing on unrequited love. Her song “If You Ain’t Mine” distinguishes itself with its soft keyboard melodies and Hames’ sultry voice. “Tiny Pieces” is a cover of the original 90s country-pop hit by Tommy Stinson, which she sings as a duet with John McCauley a member of American alternative rock band, Deer Tick. The last few tracks of the album have more of a country-folk feel to them, which gives the album instrumental variety. Hames’ first studio album successfully combines the hippy, bohemian pop songs of the 70s with a soft, folk-rockish feel.

Trial Track: “When You Said Goodbye”

Rating: 8/10

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