You’ll Never Get to Heaven – Images

You’ll Never Get to Heaven – Images (Mystic Roses, 2017)

Ambient pop duo Alice Hansen and Chuck Blazevic, from London, Ont., are known for creating dreamscapes that immerse listeners in distant worlds of sparkling, shimmering sounds—they do this once again with Images. Their recent album appears thematically and instrumentally brighter compared to the eerie, low, dark synths in their previous work. Blazevic’s familiar, shimmering synths and guitar help paint the atmosphere of the album, while Henson’s airy, pixie-like vocals guide listeners through a dreamworld. Images is an enthralling album, which is what most people expect from You’ll Never Get to Heaven. Their signature crackling audio and a tamed bass in the background can be heard in songs such as “Still” and “Shadow Garden.” “Vapor Frames spins you further into the album’s dreamworld with gentle, echoing synths. Each track is somewhat similar to the next, and a couple could even pass as outtakes from the duo’s earlier albums. However, subtle differences like tempo and instrumental texture with the synths and guitars make the band’s distant and unfamiliar world a little more intimate than their previous albums.

Trial Track: “Beyond the Clouds”



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