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XXXTentacion – 17

by Alexander Cole September 12, 2017
XXXTentacion – 17

XXXTentacion – 17 (EMPIRE Distribution)

You know that edgy kid in high school who wears all black clothing, eyeliner, spiked bracelets and speaks in tongues at the back of the classroom? Well they probably love this XXXTentacion album. Ever since the Florida rapper came onto the scene with his breakthrough hit “Look at Me,” XXXTentacion has become a parody of himself, trading in his hard-hitting rap style for a “too edgy for you” grunge style that no one wanted. Each song features DIY guitar and drum instrumentals that sound like they were mixed inside of a can of SpaghettiOs, while XXXTentacion croons his way through the tracks. What’s unfortunate about 17 is that the songs themselves have potential. The album addresses themes of suicide and depression—topics that need to be talked about. However, the surface level lyrics and disrespectfully bad performances make this one of the worst albums of 2017.


Trial Track: “Revenge”

Score: 1.5/10




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