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Yaeji – EP2

by Calvin Cashen November 21, 2017
Yaeji – EP2

Yaeji – EP2 (Godmode, 2017)

New York producer Yaeji spins an entire history’s worth of club music under the hypnotic disco ball of her second EP of the year. Yaeji flexes her vocal chops here as well, but doesn’t come across as out of place when you hear the subtle tones of house music and British IDM bleeding throughout these tracks. The club and, by extension, club music are often looked to as an escapist’s genre; as a wall to be torn down by fast beats and deep bass. What’s important are that the bass, the beat and the lyrics Yaeji sprinkles into the framework of the music to remind you of her crucial toehold in the club scene. Her ability to transcend the energy levels of a dancefloor transforms into a strange world of music you fall into when you just want to get loose and have fun.

Trial Track: “raingurl”

Rating: 7.6/10

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