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CupcakKe – Ephorize

by Hussain Almahr January 30, 2018
CupcakKe – Ephorize

CupcakKe – Ephorize (CupcakKe, 2018)

Rapper CupcakKe has come out with a steller third album, Ephorize, filled with exciting, vibrant wordplay and creative beats. CupcakKe covers a wide range of topics, from sex, acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community, to sexism and self-analysis—all with confidence and self-assurance. One of the best songs off the album is “Self Interview,” a reflective song about the double standard women face, played over a soft-sounding piano beat. Her commentary isn’t anything I haven’t heard, like: “Females have sex on the first night, they get called a hoe for that one-night stand / Men have sex on the first night, ‘Congratulations, you got around her bands.’” However, her performance really amplifies and enhances the lyrics. The album is lively yet sharply written, and mixed with danceable beats.

Sample track: “Self Interview”

Rating: 7.9/10

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