Jeff Rosenstock – POST-

Jeff Rosenstock – POST- (Polyvinyl)

While most artists spent 2017 attempting to carve a sense of purpose into our socio-political landscape, few were able to sound legitimately conscious without coming off as indulgent or incredibly self-serving. The always-humble Jeff Rosenstock stands in stark contrast to this overly politicized era of music. Still, his nervy pop-punk revivalism rings with the confidence of a seasoned rock veteran armed to the teeth with power-pop riffs and enough frenzied bombast to promote communal delinquency and the sharing of cold brews. The Nov. 8 election was a calamitous accident to some, a curse that will afflict the mentality of hopeful Americans for years. You can sense that grief-stricken energy on Rosenstock’s POST-, an album that crashed into 2018 head-on with righteous conviction and clear-eyed intent.

Rating: 8.4/10

Trial Track: “USA”


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