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Barrio Sur – बड़ा शोक (heart break)

by Calvin Cashen February 13, 2018
Barrio Sur – बड़ा शोक (heart break)

Barrio Sur – बड़ा शोक (heart break) (Self-released)

बड़ा शोक (heart break) lives in a cushioned stratosphere of ethereality, with sonic roots deeply grounded in a reshaped vision of past musical eras. Softly strummed timbres of rhythm and blues, drums and bass cohere into a listening experience that’s fractured at a glance, but strangely gratifying in its challenging construction. Its skeleton is digitized in nature, with a surging glow of lo-fi warbles and abstract rushes of distortion and tape fuzz. Sounds are displaced in a manner that feels both intentional and accidental; the warm quality that exudes is impeccable. There isn’t a note on this record that sounds well-arranged, but the results cohere remarkably. बड़ा शोक (heart break) marries source material in beautiful fashion, but plays out against a lingering, ever-present layer of noise. There’s time for all these moving pieces to connect, but they rarely do; folding in-and-out of frame from future-sounds into the sounds of yesteryear.

Trial Track: “redemption (7inch)”

Rating: 8.4

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