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Finding your bliss spot

by Eithne Lynch September 11, 2018
Finding your bliss spot

A Concordia professor has taken a break from teaching to focus on her business

Lisa McKenzie, a former Concordia professor, has created her own set of online classes that teach people how to turn their personal interests into a marketable businesses. She called it Blissonomics.

“Blissonomics helps people uncover, understand and communicate their personal or business brands to build and engage their communities, develop successful marketing campaigns and attract ideal alliances and opportunities,” said McKenzie. creator and self-proclaimed Chief Bliss Instigator.

McKenzie said the idea for Blissonomics came from the realization that many people weren’t satisfied in their professional lives. “There were too many people around me that were miserable in their careers and the businesses that they built.” In 2009, she bought the URL Blissonomics.com. “It took me another seven years of research, more learning, testing and building programs before I finally launched the company in October 2016,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie taught several social media courses on the fundamentals of branding at Concordia while working on the launch of her company.

Despina Levantis, a former student of McKenzie’s, wanted to work with small businesses and start-ups as an administrative accountant, but didn’t know how to access them. She discovered Blissonomics when McKenzie held a Facebook Live talking about her new venture. Levantis said the courses were incredibly personalized. “You feel like it’s you and her even if there are other students,” said Levantis.

Blissonomics offers three main course options. Finding your Bliss Spot, the foundation course advertises itself as being “where passion, purpose, skills, and joy come together to identify the business or career of your dreams.” McKenzie said people follow the course on their own, but can send her feedback and questions.

Her two Mastermind classes, Launch Venture Mastermind, a $1,400 class and Growth Venture Mastermind at $2,200, take a much more hands-on approach, allowing only 12-20 participants to join. During the six-month course, participants follow online videos, complete worksheets and participate in group video lessons. McKenzie said the small class sizes allow her to critique work and interact on a more personal level.

Miriam Pearl is the founder and recipes developer for Delicious Without Gluten. She signed up to learn how to align her work with what she loved. “I learned how to create a community of gluten-free fans and how to keep them engaged using the latest social media strategies,” said Pearl.

McKenzie keeps very busy as the primary mentor and teacher at Blissonomics, but she hopes to come back to Concordia someday. “My personal projects have kept me from teaching at Concordia for the last year, however I look forward to future opportunities where I can continue to share my knowledge with Concordia students,” she said.

Graphic by Ana Bilokin.

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