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QUICKSPINS: Eminem – Kamikaze

by Wesley McLean September 11, 2018
QUICKSPINS: Eminem – Kamikaze

Less than a year after the release of the abysmal Revival, Eminem is back with a surprise project, firing back at his critics. Unfortunately, his fixation on the reception of his last album, Revival, keeps this one from being anything close to a return to form. Kamikaze shows absolutely no growth from Eminem. Using homophobic slurs, calling his detractors “retarded” and dissing other artists, he attacks every person who had a critique for Revival. Not once does he hold himself responsible for the album’s awful reception. This, combined with his need to rap as many syllables as he can at top speed, prevents him from crafting quality songs. Sure, his technical abilities are impressive, but it does nothing when the music lacks substance. With very few high points, and an awful run of tracks to end the album, Kamikaze is yet another misfire for one of the genre’s living legends.


Trial Track: Lucky You



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