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Vikki Gilmore captivates audience at Bar Le Ritz

by Mia Anhoury September 25, 2018
Vikki Gilmore captivates audience at Bar Le Ritz

Montreal singer-songwriter, Vikki Gilmore drops new song following her latest EP and her show last Wednesday

Two years ago, at her aunt’s house, with a basic melody of chords in mind, Vikki Gilmore wrote her song “Someone,” which later became the title of her second EP released on Sept. 7. For this new project, the singer-songwriter collaborated with a full band instead of recording an acoustic EP.

The song “Someone” begins with smooth arpeggios on guitar before her soft voice comes in. “There are songs where love and romance are very conclusive with a start, a beginning, and an end,” Gilmore explained. “Where they break up and it’s sad, but there’s no in between where somebody can come into your life [..] even if they’re not there forever, they have a lasting impact on you. I’ve yet to find a song like that, so I wanted to write it.” These musings were the inspiration behind the title track.

Opening for English band the Still Corners at Bar Le Ritz on Wednesday was a dream come true for Gilmore. Her clear, crisp voice flowed perfectly with every run she performed. Accompanied by an acoustic drum set and a lap steel or electric guitar, and flooded with burning red light, Gilmore captivated the crowd’s attention.

“I think in my head with all the accompaniment, and I hear the song with the drums and percussions and lap steels,” said Gilmore. “And now, everybody is hearing what I always hear, which is a really cool experience.”

Her beautiful, haunting notes were just as powerful live as on the record itself. Even her acoustic songs from her debut EP, Where you are from, were readapted to include the whole band.  

The Montreal-based artist told The Concordian that she sees every EP she produces as a specific chapter in her life. “My first EP was my journal-entry from [when I was] 18 years old. It was representative in my music because I was still figuring out who I am as a person and as an artist,” said Gilmore.

Writing her own songs is therapeutic, the artist explained. Someone is inspired by a collection of stories she’s heard from friends, or things she’s gone through. The song “After All” is about “the idea that you give everything to somebody and they recycle it, […] and you’re wasting your time on this ride thinking it’s a hundred per cent and really it [isn’t],” Gilmore said.

“Mountains” was inspired by a huge storm while she was in Rovereto, Italy two years ago as an au pair. “It was the most beautiful storm I’ve ever seen, even though I should’ve been scared of it,” said Gilmore.

The final song on the EP is “Home.” “I wanted ‘Home’ to be the conclusive song in the EP, where you’re reminiscing on everything that you’ve been through and you kind of have that warm feeling in the end […] so we added a fireplace crackling in it, but it comes off as sounding like vinyl,” said Gilmore.

Gilmore’s new single with U.K. artist Spectrum called “If we’re this close” was released today and is available on all streaming services.

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