Greg Sutton is adjusting to a new head coaching role

greg sutton
The women’s soccer team won their first game at home against the McGill Martlets on Sept. 23. Photo by Mackenzie Lad.

Master coach sees challenges in charge of both teams

The 2018-19 season marked a new start for Greg Sutton, as he was named the head coach of both Concordia Stingers soccer teams this summer.

Sutton, who had an international career in soccer for 14 years, began coaching the Stingers as an assistant coach for the men’s team in 2011. He was named the head coach in 2013.

“It’s been fun, but challenging as well,” Sutton said on his experience so far. “We knew the challenge going into it. It’s two different teams.”

For Sutton, this new role with the Stingers also represents a new start and new opportunities.

“We have a team that has been built for few years now, under my guidance,” Sutton said. “Now, it’s the women’s side that really is a new start for me and them. It’s all about developing a culture and continuing to grow our team, as we want to get better and better every year.”

greg sutton
Head coach Greg Sutton wants to develop better players for the future. Photo by Hannah Ewen.

According to Sutton, improving the women’s team’s success might be his biggest challenge for the next few years. Developing more talented players is a priority for the future.

“They haven’t been in a great place for the last few years,” Sutton said. “For me, it’s about trying to work on that and get better in that aspect. We understand that it’s not going to happen in one night.”

Sutton adds that there are differences between both programs. The women’s and men’s teams each require their own unique approach.

“There’s a different path that we’re trying to develop for both teams,” Sutton said. “Coaching women and coaching men definitely has differences and we recognize that.”

Sutton also sees the importance of cooperation between men’s and women’s programs, as both teams often work together. “There are a lot of similarities and synergies that we use to develop the kind of programs and the culture behind these stables,” Sutton said.

Success remains something that Sutton focuses on. In fact, seeing the growth of both teams is what Sutton enjoys the most.

“It’s making sure that they’re enjoying their soccer, but also winning games,” Sutton said. “It’s good to see that they are enjoying their soccer. Now, we need to keep that going and that will come with winning games at the same time.”

Just over the midway point of the soccer season, the women’s team has a 2-6-1 record, while the men are 1-6-1. They both play Oct. 4 at McGill.

Main photo by Mackenzie Lad. 

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