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In brief: Museum prescription, donations, and Hurricane Michael

by Mia Anhoury October 16, 2018
In brief: Museum prescription, donations, and Hurricane Michael

City in brief

Beginning Nov. 1, doctors in Montreal will be the first in the country to pilot a museum prescription program, according to CTV. Montreal members of the Médecins francophones du Canada will be allowed to issue up to 50 prescriptions to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This clinical trial is one of 10 trials that the museum is participating in.

Montreal police will rely on a fit-for-duty policy concerning cannabis consumption as of Oct. 17, meaning officers cannot be impaired by any substance while working, according to La Presse. The city isn’t following Toronto’s strict restrictions for police officers, who won’t be allowed to consume cannabis within 28 days of working, according to the CBC.

A Tim Hortons truck crashed into a train overpass on Guy St. early Thursday morning causing a traffic jam, reported Global News. There was no damage to the overpass and the trains were able to continue using the rails. However, the cargo, including coffee, spilled onto the street, and the driver was fined $160 for failing to yield to a 3.7-metre clearance sign.

Montrealer Bill Mavridis recently designed an application called AEROplainte to facilitate the filing of noise complaints regarding airplanes at the Trudeau airport, according to the CBC. Although 543 noise complaints were filed in 2017, Mavridis told CBC he wanted to increase that number so airport authorities take action.

Nation in brief

The United Nations Palestinian refugee agency will be receiving $50 million from Canada after the United States pulled its funding, reported CTV. The goal of the agency is to improve health and education for Palestinian refugees. The donation will be allocated over two years. The Trump administration called the agency an “irredeemably flawed” organization, according to CTV.

Cliff Graydon, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, was accused of making an inappropriate sexual comment to a female legislative staff member, according to the CBC. Disciplinary action was taken immediately, according to the party’s caucus chair. His future in politics remains unclear.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled seven to two on Thursday against the Mikisew Cree First Nation in Alberta, which means the Canadian government will no longer have to consult with First Nations communities before implementing new legislation. The argument in favour of the federal government was that the consultation would disrupt the judicial process.

On Friday night, a man stripped naked and jumped into a shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, according to CityNews. The man got out after the aquarium’s security officers asked him to leave, only to jump back into the tank after security left. He is now wanted by the police.

World in brief

Hurricane Michael hit the south east of the United States last week, killing 18, and leaving an unknown number of people missing, according to CNN. Residents in the affected Florida area were provided with provisions such as water and ready-to-eat meals over the weekend.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is implementing a new legislation that will ensure religious schools do not discriminate against gay students, reported the BBC. Under the new law, schools will no longer be allowed to reject students based on their sexuality, as they were able to previously.

A leaking oil pipeline exploded in Lagos, Nigeria, on Friday, killing at least 19 people, according to the Associated Press. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the owner of the pipeline in question, believes the explosion was caused by oil thieves, as Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer.

Indonesian police arrested four people in connection with an Instagram post attempting to sell an infant, according to The Guardian. The infant’s mother, a midwife, a potential buyer, and a man who ran the Instagram account were all arrested and are facing a maximum sentence of 15 years each. The account was advertised as a “family welfare” account.

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez is the first Cuban president to create a Twitter account, according to Granma, the news outlet for Cuba’s Communist Party. Díaz-Canel announced in July during the Congress of the Union of Cuban Journalists  he would be on Twitter by the end of the year. The account now has over 25,000 followers.

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