Home Music QUICKSPIN: Phony Ppl – mō’zā-ik.

QUICKSPIN: Phony Ppl – mō’zā-ik.

by Simon New October 23, 2018

Phony Ppl’s new album is the perfect music for those times when you’re wrapped in a golden blanket, magically floating over an idyllic beach at sunset. Sometimes luxuriously crooning over mellow synths, others spitting lay-you-down bars over bouncy percussion, the Brooklyn quintet melds bitter nostalgia with exuberant comfort. The writing is clever, the musicality is fantastically adept. The visuals that dropped with mō’zā-ik. match the bouncy, pastel sounds that permeate the tape. As is all too common in the Spotify age, the songs do begin to blur together by the end of this joyride of a listen.

Trial Track: “Think You’re Mine.”


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