After dominating 2017 with the critically-acclaimed Saturation trilogy, the “best boyband since One Direction” is back with their major label debut.

After dominating 2017 with the critically-acclaimed Saturation trilogy, the “best boyband since One Direction” (according to the group’s leader, Kevin Abstract) is back with their major label debut.

On iridescence, Brockhampton explores new sounds and has certain members getting more exposure as a result of founding-member Ameer Vann’s removal from the group. The album’s opener, “NEW ORLEANS” is a loud, bombastic intro with stand-out verses from a few members, though JOBA’s performance is extremely irritating.

This is an issue throughout the project as JOBA’s presence can either be a perfect fit or flat out annoying. Kevin Abstract’s verse on “WEIGHT” is the heaviest and most beautiful moment on the album, as he tackles coming to terms with his sexuality. It serves as iridescence’s emotional centrepiece. Though there are some fantastic tracks here, they’re mixed into a tracklist that contains some of the group’s most lackluster moments yet.

Trial Track: “TONYA”


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