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QUICKSPINS: Khalid – Suncity (EP)

by Sarah Boumedda October 23, 2018
QUICKSPINS: Khalid – Suncity (EP)

Yearning, reminiscent and comforting, Khalid’s sudden release, Suncity, acts both as an ode to his hometown of El Paso, TX, and as a staple of his unprecedented talent. The seven-track EP includes two instrumental numbers and five songs. It is consistent in sound, rarely veering away from the urbanlike, soft-toned R&B Khalid has become widely known for, to the exception of “Saturday Nights” and the eponymous track “Suncity.” The former includes a guitar hook that gives it a slight indie pop touch, while the latter follows an addicting Latin beat, featuring Spanish lyrics and vocals from Empress Of. As a whole, Suncity works incredibly well, acting as an hommage and a story of growth for the 20-year-old singer. Overall, it makes for the perfect bridge between Khalid’s solid 2017 debut, American Teen, and whatever he has in store next.

Trial track: “Suncity” feat. Empress Of


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