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QUICKSPINS: Quavo – Quavo Huncho

by Immanuel Matthews October 16, 2018
QUICKSPINS: Quavo – Quavo Huncho
In Quavo Huncho, the long-awaited album released by Quavo from Migos, the Atlanta rap star attempts to display his individual talent.

Quavo’s trademark sound features throughout his eponymously-named debut solo album. From his autotuned melodic vocals, to the Migos’ signature adlibs (they couldn’t help but make some kind of appearance), the 19-track project has its fair share of bangers.

With a wide array of guests, from fellow Atlanta rap star Lil Baby to pop icon Madonna, the list of features is quite impressive. They successfully add a touch of flair to each song, and each bring their own unique swag and energy to the track.

The similar-sounding performance from Quavo throughout many of the songs is slightly disappointing, as the hard-hitting beats and autotuned melodies are only catchy for so long. Except for track 17, “Swing,” which features Normani and Davido on an island-vibe dance track. Most of the tracks on Quavo Huncho are catchy, but predictable.

With Offset and Takeoff, the other two thirds of Migos, allegedly releasing their own debut solo projects in the near future, each of the members are attempting to prove their skills as individual artists outside of their successful, chart-topping group.

Die-hard Quavo fans are sure to enjoy this project, but those expecting anything different from the Migo might not be Quavo Huncho’s biggest fan.




Trial Track: Workin Me

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